Mr. Andoscia's Class
Mr. Andoscia's Class

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Do I Turn This In?
For some reason, there is some confusion over who does assignments and projects and whether or not they get turned in or put in the notebook. Here's a breakdown of what goes in the notebooks, what gets turned in, what is done collaboratively, and what is done individually. I hope this helps.
Do I Turn This In.pdf
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Mr. Andoscia Conceptual Framework
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Who do I think I am!
Here's an outline of my background and qualifications
Who am I to teach your kids 2018.pdf
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Welcome Back
Here's an outline of expectations and requirements
Back to School Introduction.pdf
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When you do assignments, this is how they will be graded. This is the rubric for all classes, though standards for demonstrating Higher Order Thinking Skills may be different.
Assignment Rubric.pdf
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Composition books will be graded on test days. It is an easy A if all elements are complete and bell ringers were taken seriously One Bell Ringer will be graded at random according to the assignment rubric above.
Comp Book Rubric.pdf
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Projects are collaborative efforts, but each student will be held accountable for their own portion of the work.
Project Rubric.pdf
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Do This so I Can Read Your Submissions
This is how to set up an office document so I can read it. Please make sure you do this BEFORE you submit to me.
Setting your document so I can see it.pd[...]
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