Mr. Andoscia's Class
Mr. Andoscia's Class

About Me

Name: Michael Andoscia
Hometown: Cape Coral,

Education: B.S. Social Science Education, M.A. Sociology

Experience: Wilderness Counselor Teacher and Master Counselor, ESE Teacher Three Oaks Middle, High School Teacher for a Private School, Middle School Social Studies Challenger, AICE and AP History Lehigh Senior. Adjunct Professor Edison, FGCU, FSW teaching Sociology, Social Problems and Multicultural Studies

Hobbies: Drawing and Painting, Playing guitar, Writing (Novels, Research, Blogging), Gardening, Herpetology, Hiking
Music: All forms of music, but contemporary blues is my favorite, Joe Bonamasa, Ana Popovic are my new heros

Movies: Lonesome Dove



My motto: The opposite of courage is not cowardice--it's conformity. --Jim Hightower

Look, I'm one of the most Googlable teachers you've ever met. You can start with my website, Michael Andoscia on the Web if you want to know all about me. 

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