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You are going to want to get really friendly with this page. Since this is an independent study, much of the information you are going to need will be right here. 



A Level Sociology Syllabus.pdf
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Learner Guide
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Sample Papers
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Education Links

Some Principles of Stratification: Davis and Moore
Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore's classic theory on social stratification. According to Davis and Moore, social stratification is a functional way of rewarding and incentivising the most capable members of society to achieve.
Davis and Moore 1945.pdf
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The Coming of Post-Industrial Society A Venture in Social Forecasting: Daniel Bell:
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Schooling in Capitalist America Revisited: Herbert Bowles and Samuel Gintis
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Wilkinson and Picket Data
This is a set of slides that proves conclusively that more equal societies are better than unequal societies.
The Spirit Level Slides - R Wilkinson J[...]
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Forms of Capital: Pierre Bourdieu
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Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses: Louis Althusser
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What are Schools For: Michael Young
What are Schools For Michael Young.pdf
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