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Economics Links

Economics Blogs

Blogs are a good way of getting some interesting insights into economics. Below are some of the best economics blogs on the web. Economics is a big part of political theory, so, where I could, I posted the bias of the blog. 


The Conscience of a Liberal, Paul Krugman: Mainstream Liberal (Keynesian) 

Beat the Press, Dean Baker: Mainstream Liberal (Keynesian)

Brad DeLong: Mainstream Liberal (Keynesian)

Angry Bear: Multiple authors mostly left-leaning

Cafe Hayak: Conservative (Austrian School)

Marginal Revolution: Conservative

Robert Reich: Mainstream Liberal (Keynsian)

EconLog: Multiple Authors. Conservative (Friedmanite)

Greg Mankiw: Mainstream, Great for Beginners!

Michael Roberts Blog: Left Wing (Marxist)

Economics Readings

The Wealth of Nations
Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations is one of the most important books of economic thought ever written. It's a good idea to know what is in it...and what isn't. The idea of the "Invisible Hand" comes from this book, but Smith didn't use it the way many economists use it today.
The Wealth of Nations.pdf
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The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
John Maynard Keynes' General Theory is of equal importance to The Wealth of Nations. Again, there are many people who use and misuse this theory. It's a good idea to understand what is actually in the original document.
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General Links

FRED: I like to use the Federal Reserve Economic Data when I write about economics. This is one of the best resources you can have at your disposal. 

Consumer Reports: Consumer Reports is a really good way to get actual useful information on the products that you may want to buy. Don't rely on the advertisements to help you make your decision. They are designed to deceive you. 

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