Mr. Andoscia's Class
Mr. Andoscia's Class

On-Line Lectures

I am in the process of switching my classroom to a version of the "flipped classroom" model. This is the model in which the content level work of class, namely the lectures and note taking, are done on-lline on the student's own pace and time. In class we can focus on more interactive and higher order work. I am starting this process with AP US History. Ultimately, I intend to flip all of my classes.
The advantages that I see in this are many. It allows me to cover more material while at the same time reducing the classroom boredom that happens when significant time is spent on content information. It assures that all students have access to the content, not just the strong and engaged readers who are willing to crack the textbook (that's not to say that the lectures are a proxy for the text. Reading the text is still a requirement). It gives the student one more opportunity to learn the material. The flipped classroom allows the student to attend to the content at his/her own pace, as well as the ability to rewind any material that is missed.

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